war veterans


war veterans are those people who fought for us in the wars to save us from our enemies. so it is our utmost responsibility to help them in their times of need .we should celebrate veterans day 2019 and pay tribute to them for their service to the nation and honor them for their valor to save our country in all conditions from our enemies

war veterans

some of the American civil war veterans are given below for you to look at 

American Civil War


Name Claimed birth date Believed birth date Death date Status
Pleasant Crump 23 December 1847 31 December 1951 Verified
Felix M. Witkoski 5 January 1850 October 1854 3 February 1952 Dubious
Thomas Edwin Ross 19 July 1850 27 March 1952 Possible
Richard William Cumpston 23 May 1841 5 September 1952 Unknown
William Loudermilk 23 October 1847 April 1851 18 September 1952 Possible
William Jordan Bush 10 July 1845 July 1846 11 November 1952 Verified
Arnold Murray 10 June 1846 1842/1855 26 November 1952 Possible
William Townsend 12 April 1846 22 February 1953 Verified
William Albert Kinney 10 February 1843 10 February 1861 23 June 1953 Probable
Thomas Riddle 16 April 1846 1862 2 April 1954 Possible

Dissimilar to the U.S. military files, the Confederate records had no official file framework after the war. On the other hand, for the vast majority of the cases researched, the periods of the petitioners alone were sufficient to demonstrate their case was false. Williams was for the most part recognized as the “last Confederate veteran” in 1950s daily papers. Then again, in September 1959 a report by The New York Timesrevealed that he was truth be told conceived in 1854 in Itawamba District, Mississippi, and not 1842 as asserted. Still, since Salling and the various inquirers were dead, Williams was commended as the last Confederate veteran after his passing on 20 December 1959.

Salling’s own particular status is questioned. In 1991, William Wonder inspected the cases of Salling and a few other “last Common War veterans” for a piece in the Common War history magazineBlue & Dark.

Wonder discovered enumeration information that showed Salling was conceived in 1858, not 1846. Albeit in 1900 Salling supplied a birthdate of Walk 1858, he seems to have been conceived around 1856, still past the point where it is possible to have served in the Confederate Armed force.

The 1860 statistics records him as 4 years of age, and the 1870 evaluation as 14.William Lundy is recorded as 1 year old on the 1860 enumeration, and from 1870 until 1930 he gave registration marshals ages that reflected birthdates as ahead of schedule as 1853 and as late as 1860.

He didn’t push his birthdate back to the 1840s until he sought a Confederate annuity from the condition of Florida. In the same piece, Wonder affirmed Woolson’s case to be the last surviving Union veteran and stated that Woolson was the last honest to goodness Common War veteran on either side.

Nonetheless, Wonder did not present examination setting up who, among the few other Confederate cases from the 1950s, some of which seem, by all accounts, to be certifiable, was the genuine last Confederate veteran.

A complete list of war veterans of the whole world who fought in military wars and insurgencies can be obtained from wikipedia

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Happy Veterans day to all :):)